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Welcome to, my little piece of digital real estate where I get to talk about my music: what I've done, what I'm doing and who with. I hope you enjoy. If you want to contact me you can drop me an email at


O Holy Night


Several reasons for recording this song. In no particular order:

  • I’ve always loved this song. The second verse hits me every time.
  • I was trying out some new recording software.
  • I’m considering the idea of a Christmas album. Don’t get your hopes up.
  • I didn’t know what else to get you guys for Christmas. So I got you this song.

There’s no guitar or bass on it. The guitar and bass sounds are from the Chapman Stick.

Merry belated Christmas.

Goodbye Mr. Cohen


2016 has apparently been a good year to die. But it’s been a rough one for those of us who remain. Leonard Cohen‘s death on November 7 was not exactly a shock…he was no spring chicken. His loss saddened me greatly nonetheless.

As a quick tribute I recorded this song and posted it on FaceBook a few days later. It’s rough, but sincere. The choice of what song to record was a bit of a struggle for me. He’s written so many amazing ones, and everyone knows this Hallelujah song. It might have been advisable to record a lesser known song. At least I would have seemed cooler. But the words to Hallelujah are so very poignant and I feel them so deeply. I couldn’t see not recording it.  

This version is very bare, only Chapman Stick and voice.

And my apologies for waiting so long before posting it here. Hope you enjoy it.

Just click on the link below.

UK Days

So I’m based in the UK through April 2017. Working on getting some pub gigs while I’m here. Got some things in the works that will hopefully pan out. Friend me on Facebook, or follow my music page there for more consistent updates!

John Jordan’s Power in the Blood

This is a project I did with my good friend, Michael Lister. He wrote the lyrics and I wrote, performed and produced the music. Enjoy!

Into the Mystic

Fire and Rain



The Manatees!

This is a clip of The Manatees playing at Hammerhead Fred’s taken by my friend Adam Johns, circa 2009. Its me and Scott Neese, who plays steel drums, guitar and sings. Best I can tell, 2012 marks 10 years of working with Scott. That’s longer than any other band I’ve played with. Freaky. Time flies.


Feeling Fuzzy

Feeling Fuzzy

My friend Suz Windham took this pic (and others!). I like the fuzzy effect. Here I’m playing solo in an interlude at a BitterSweet gig.


Dark and Fretless

Dark and Fretless

Even though you’ll usually find me playing my 7 string monster WishBass, my muse for the last 25 years has been my 4 string fretless Pedulla Buzz Bass. Someone said that fretless bass is the musical instrument closest to a human voice. Even playing my fretted 7 string I find myself still trying to make it ring out like my Pedulla.


The Boys of BitterSweet

The Boys of BitterSweet

Playing at a wedding reception in Seaside, Florida. Spring 2012.